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  • Health Safety
  • Occupational Medicine
  • First aid on site
  • Russian Occupational Legislation


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Факс: (495)-741-06-41

Адрес: Москва,Щелковское шоссе, д. 23-А

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Охрана труда и промышленная медицина. Материалы на данной странице носят предварительный характер и будут изменяться по мере наполнения сайта «охрана труда»


Fitness for Job

Fitness for Task Assessments
which may apply to UK expats in Russia
FFTAs are about finding conditions, which either will prevent effective work (large hernia & manual work), or are made worse by work (asthma & allergens), or are risky to performer (monaural hearing & noise), to colleagues (blackouts & driving), or to t